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Carpet Bubbling: A Common Problem After Installing Carpet

September 30, 2011

carpet bubbling

Your carpet was just installed, but you’ll find bubbling underneath. This occurs when the fibers of the carpet begins to relax and air is trapped inside. There are several causes for carpet bubbling. If heavy furniture is not lifted while moving, that is one of the main causes. Another common cause bubbling of the carpet is due to the carpet installed in the winter. This is because the cold prevents the carpet to be relaxed and stretched correctly. For this reason, it is better to have the carpet installed during the summer months because the heat allows the stretch. Bubbling may simply be due to improper installation. If the installer does not extend the carpet regardless of the time of the year of installation took place, bubbling may occur very quickly. However there is a temporary remedy for carpet bubbling and that is glue.

The first step is to vacuum the carpet. Then use a knife to cut an area of ​​the bubble. Be careful not to cut more than half of an inch and that the cut is in the center two rows of fibers. You should separate the carpet fibers with your fingers and pushing them apart. This allows you to see an open space, which is between the rows.

The next step is to glue the carpet inside the bubble, from the rear. It is recommended to get carpet glue with a conical nozzle so the glue can be inserted easily. If the container of the carpet adhesive is too large, pour a quarter cup of the glue into another bowl. Take a cloth or cotton ball, apply the glue, and start applying the glue on the carpet. Be sure to press the bottom of the bubble with your fingers, starting from back to front. Use a small amount of glue to apply, if you use too much liquid it will create a major mess.

The next step is to seal a carpet. Be sure to follow the appropriate instructions provided with seam sealer. The sealant is supplied with an applicator tip. Draw a line of sealant along the end of the seam and press each side of the seam with your fingers. Do this for a few seconds. Finally, stay away from the repaired area of ​​the carpet for 24 hours for the glue to dry properly.

Carpet bubbling is a pain and it can be easily avoided. And it is very important to do some research before you hire a company to install the carpet. Check out Toronto Carpets.


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