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What to Consider When Choosing a Carpet

October 6, 2011

type of carpet

Consider the Type of Carpet is Best for Your Needs

Carpet is known to create a warm and comfortable atmosphere and it enhances furnishings in a home, office, school or any building. It is very easy to maintain and provides insulation. Not to mention, it takes away loud noises of foot steps. There are different types of carpets. When choosing a type of carpet, you need to take several things into consideration.

Is there a lot of traffic? In a home, perhaps not unless you have a lot of guests over or have a large family. But when it comes to an office or school that is a different story. What colour are the walls and furniture in the room or rooms where you want to install carpeting? Most people would not want to purchase pink coloured carpeting if you have red sofas and red painted walls. That is why the majority of people choose neutral coloured carpeting such as beige.

When choosing new carpeting for a room, be sure to bring samples of fabric from draperies, cushions, etc. Take swatches of carpet that appeals most to you back home. Examine the colors in natural or artificial light in order to get a true sense of what colour carpeting is best for your home. Another important thing to consider when choosing a carpet is the type.

If you want to install carpeting in a bedroom or a living room, you may choose a smooth, plush, high quality pile carpet. Especially if there is very little traffic. Footprints will easily show on this type of carpeting. When it comes to rooms which has more traffic such as an entryway or family room, you would be better off with installing a densely constructed cut pile which will not show footprints or vacuum tracks.

Another popular type of carpet is the Berber. This type of carpet is made of loops that are not cut. Most people, especially with young families choose a multicoloured Berber which consist of shades of taupe, cream and gray which hides dirt. It also blends well with many decors.

Places that have heavy traffic such as office and schools are better off with the carpet tile. It is extremely easy to replace, and gives you the option of replacing very worn areas instead of the whole carpeted area.

Carpeting in general is available in a wide price range. At least ninety-five percent of all carpet is made out of synthetic materials because synthetics are extremely easy to clean, and that keeps costs low. Most importantly, before choosing any style, colour or type of carpet, make sure you find a reputable company that sells carpeting.


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